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TDD - Game of Life in Common Lisp

01 July 2019

This time it's the Game of Life in Common Lisp.

Since I've tried out Clojure (see the episode on YouTube) I've discovered a whole new world. The world of Common Lisp.
It's been around for so long and I really don't know why I haven't looked at this before.

In my attempt to bring TDD closer to developers (to build better designed software with less defects)  I've made a TDD session in Outside-In style with Common Lisp.
Outside-In can use a 'classicist' TDD or the 'London Style' TDD where more is done in the red phase of 'red-green-refactor', and also it uses mocking to carve out design.

Certainly you code Common Lisp using the awesome editor Emacs using the Sly integrated development environment.

Common Lisp geeks will certainly see some deficiencies in my use of the language. So any tipps are welcome.
But the purpose is to show that this development style is certainly possible in Common Lisp because in CL it is possible to develop with a short feedback loop.


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